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Bridesmaids is my debut solo album. More info here.

Buy it on Bandcamp or iTunes or Google Play or Amazon Music. Listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify


Other new recordings

Apart from Bridesmaids, I've done a few demo recordings recently that are destined for some future album… check the music page

As well, my band The Phosphenes has recently released its second studio album Finally, a friendly shore. Reviews, so far, are positive. Stream it or buy it from all the regular places, including bandcamp.

Motion pictures

I’ve unearthed a video of me playing my song “Hinterland” at the 2016 Maldon Folk Festival

There’re more videos on the music page

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Latest release

Demos and incomplete recordings

The End of the World

Bitter Pills

Two Seconds

Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

The Lucky Ones

America (demo)

Runaway (demo)

A Dozen Ways to Fall Out of the Sky (demo)